Get on Board

In contemplating my life, I have realized I have a whole team of people committed to helping me get healthy and strong. A nutritionist, two physical therapists, a massage therapist, a therapist, a doctor, a spine specialist, friends, family... I guess it's time I join the team.


Do It Anyway

For the last few nights I've really skimped on my yoga practice. I've still done yoga, but it's been a few standing postures before a meditation, or some stretching sitting on the edge of my bed. I have what I consider a good reason - an outrageous amount of very large spiders spotted on the... Continue Reading →

MORE Yoga?

"MORE yoga?!" my mind asks incredulously.  "Yes, of course more yoga," my body replies as she rolls out the mat. "We just got home from a class!" "Yes. But we weren't fully present in that class, were we?" My body asks as we settle into sukhasana. "No," my mind sighs. I smile a little ruefully... Continue Reading →

Don’t Cheat

I almost cheated myself out of a yoga practice tonight. Really glad I decided not to, because instead of faking it, I learned what it really feels like to articulate movement in the spine. And I learned that I really did need to work on releasing tension in my neck. Again.  Breathe deep and pay... Continue Reading →

Helping Out

Today my yoga practice was longer and more strenuous than usual. One of my dearest friends is nearing the end of her yoga teacher training, and asked me for feedback on a class she had written. I was happy to oblige, and set out to see what I could provide.  Here are some things I... Continue Reading →

Yes, you read that correctly. Naked yoga. It's a thing. FYI, I stuck to my mat. Personal preference to stick with standing postures. Otherwise, it was awesome.

Sometimes all I need is a chance to let myself be still. Movement Medicine Calm tonight. And when the video ended, I just continued to sit in sukhasana with my hands at my heart. I really don't know how long I sat there, just breathing and being. It was beautiful.

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