Do It Anyway

For the last few nights I’ve really skimped on my yoga practice. I’ve still done yoga, but it’s been a few standing postures before a meditation, or some stretching sitting on the edge of my bed. I have what I consider a good reason – an outrageous amount of very large spiders spotted on the floor in just a few days time.

However, I’ve been feeling the difference. The lack of focus, nore trouble sleeping, feeling dragged down and dull. So today I said forget it. I’m not going to let this nearly paralyzing fear stop me. (For days I’ve been using a flashlight in the dark and wearing shoes all the time. I really don’t like spiders.)

So no excuses. Rolled out my mat, grabbed my blocks, and got busy settling back into yoga. I’m so damn glad I did. Just a few minutes in I could feel the difference. I feel calmer, more centered and aware.

I think I might have formed a new habit. When did that happen? 


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