Still Thankful

It had not been the easiest of weeks for me. The things I need to do to improve parts of my life require temporarily being more messed up. Not fun. And yet I still have things to be thankful for, and this is a good thing.

Good friends.

Good food.

Fortune cookies.


A good winter coat.

All the little things that help me cope with the big things.

Ways to move forward.

The courage to follow those ways.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Really, it is. Quite chilly. Also currently raining, which I’m loving. But for fun, enjoy this video. Great duet, cute music video. And it’s been stuck in my head all day, so now I am sharing it with you. 🙂


I missed a post again yesterday.

Still not a failure.

Today has gone by entirely too quickly.

Dark comes too early.

Some things just take too long to accomplish.

Lists are good. They make it easier to keep track of things.

Purple is good too.

And rain. Rain would be nice.

Or snow. I could go for snow.

Suppose I will settle for ice cream, since snow is very unlikely tonight.

I like learning things.

And those are my thoughts for the day.


Cats love catnip. It’s a well established fact. I was watching my cats roll around in theirs today, and I realized something. We all have our own personal catnip. Something that we thoroughly enjoy, that gives us the heady, free feeling of a high. For some, it might actually be a drug that does that. For others, a food, or a person. Maybe an experience.

My personal catnip? Storms. They never fail me. A good storm (or even a quick, not so impressive storm) makes me feel alive. Giddy, cheerful, awake, uplifted… electrified (yeah, I said it). The way the wind blows through the surrounding area makes me feel like it is blowing out the cobwebs in me, too. It’s a fresh, take on the world sort of feeling. I love it. (And at the moment, I hate living on the west coast. Today’s pathetic drizzle is the closest thing I’ve seen in months. I am jealous of the rest of you, even with your below freezing temperatures.)

So tell me, what’s your personal catnip? What wakes you up and makes you feel good?

Random Blessings

In recent conversations (and scrolling through Facebook), I’ve encountered many people complaining about being sick. Like, terrible cold/flu that knocks you down for days sick. Want to know the amazing thing that just occurred to me? I’m not sick. I haven’t been out and surrounded by hundreds of people who were sneezing all over their money and the store’s products, so I haven’t gotten sick. Gods, that’s awesome. I’ve had brief moments of wishing I were working recently, to get out of the house, into a routine, etc. This is not one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, still not happy about the unemployed issue. It sucks royally. But there are so many things I can be grateful for.

Not being sick, not dealing with holiday crowds of idiots, no traffic.

The wonderful people in my life who do their best to help keep me going.

Snow. (Not that we’ve had any lately, but still.)

Getting to actually enjoy the holidays, and not hating Christmas music.

Being in a better mood.

A warm home that is currently clean, cats to snuggle with, a good book.

Yeah, I can live with this.

Let it Snow!

Okay, I admit I’m a little weird about this, but I love snow. So much. When I wake up to a lovely snowy landscape, especially if it is still snowing, like it was this morning, I turn into a little kid. Not exaggerating. I giggle, and jump around, and squeal a little…and pretty quickly manage to get myself dressed so I can go outside. I no longer spend the whole day outside, but I savor every moment I do. Snow just plain makes me happy. I could list all sorts of reasons, like it’s beautiful, and cold, and white, and sparkly, and soft…or I could just go with it makes me happy. I’ve been smiling all day, and I am really glad about that. It’s quite nice to really have something to enjoy with my whole heart. Ended up really putting me in a great mood, so I also turned on the Christmas music and put up some of my decorations. Just the tree and the outside stuff left to do. And it doesn’t even seem like work, since I get a fresh burst of energy every time I look outside. Yay snow!

Giving Thanks

Family, friends, pets, food, home, laughter, love, joy, health, generosity, kindness, understanding.

Clouds, rain, snow, sleet, hail, storms, sun, flowers, trees, beauty.

Sleep, books, cozy blankets, hot chocolate.

Creativity, inventiveness, initiative, perseverance.

Learning, seeking, expanding, believing, testing, proving.