Starting Small

So it's been ages. Maybe two or three. But here I am, thinking about my blog again. Wondering why I never do seem to be able to keep up with it. So instead of just contemplating, I am doing. (for once) Lots of people I know are taking the time for November to post on... Continue Reading →



I missed a post again yesterday. Still not a failure. Today has gone by entirely too quickly. Dark comes too early. Some things just take too long to accomplish. Lists are good. They make it easier to keep track of things. Purple is good too. And rain. Rain would be nice. Or snow. I could... Continue Reading →


I struggle with maintaining a perspective. Whether I am too close or too far away, I tend to stay there, viewing things in the same way. I like to see different perspectives, but sometimes it really takes a push for me to do so, especially when I am stressed. Really, I blow things way out... Continue Reading →

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