Helping Out

Today my yoga practice was longer and more strenuous than usual. One of my dearest friends is nearing the end of her yoga teacher training, and asked me for feedback on a class she had written. I was happy to oblige, and set out to see what I could provide.  Here are some things I... Continue Reading →


Sometimes all I need is a chance to let myself be still. Movement Medicine Calm tonight. And when the video ended, I just continued to sit in sukhasana with my hands at my heart. I really don't know how long I sat there, just breathing and being. It was beautiful.


It was really hard for me to get on the mat today. I wish I had a good reason for that. I have lots of excuses. Long day at work, feeling stressed, got caught up in other things  (damn you, Facebook). They're all excuses. I was avoiding it. Damned if I know why. The good... Continue Reading →

It feels good

It feels good to feel good. Why do we forget this? Or neglect it? Or choose to stay in an unhappy state, avoiding the things we know will help us to feel good? There are a lot of really complicated answers for those questions. Some have to do with habit, some with depression, some with... Continue Reading →

Craft Fair

Today I was a vendor at a craft fair, for the first time ever. It was a small affair, hosted in a home, with seven vendors in all. A little crowded, to be sure, but well set up. Small tables, all with white tablecloths, one with snacks and goodies to share with guests.Plenty of room... Continue Reading →

The Power of Words

In our monthly staff meetings, my coworkers and I have all chosen to end the meeting with a hope or goal for the coming month. It is an effort to end the meeting on a positive note. We share these hopes to inspire each other, and to encourage a little bit of accountability for ourselves.... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Letting Go

I mentioned a few days ago that I'm working on cleaning out my apartment. Today was a very successful day for this project. Got through all of my clothes (believe me, there are lots of those). Did it in less than half the time I had allotted for the project. Then I took everything I've... Continue Reading →

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