It feels good

It feels good to feel good. Why do we forget this? Or neglect it? Or choose to stay in an unhappy state, avoiding the things we know will help us to feel good?

There are a lot of really complicated answers for those questions. Some have to do with habit, some with depression, some with disease, fear, outside pressure. Who knows.

The truth is, though, that we can feel good if we choose to.

I forget that too often. Right now I remember.

So I am reminding you. Go do something that makes you feel good. Not because I said so, but because you deserve it. And because you really do have the power to choose.

Never say never

For a very long time, I have told myself there were two jobs I would never work again: food service and child care. About a year and a half ago, I found myself working food service. Thanks to a combination of factors, including desperation, laziness, and gratitude for a job that was practically handed to me, I was back. And I hated every minute of it. It was awful. The smells, the food, the people, the dishes. Ugh. I worked there a little under 8 months, and I was miserable. That never, I really will do my best to never repeat.

For years, I thought child care was the same. But after 4 months of unemployment, I was willing to look at anything (except food service). And somehow, some way, the first child care job I applied for, I got. I’ve been here two weeks now. Sometimes I still ask myself why I’m here. But mostly, I like it. My days move quickly, I feel like I’m doing something important. This is not just another retail job (and those are really all the same). I’m happier (due in part to the relief of stress now that I have a good income), and I feel like things are starting to move again. That’s a good feeling.

So, never say never, my friends. Things could change when you aren’t looking.