Social Media Marketing?!

I took a leap today. For me, a huge leap. I created a Facebook page dedicated to my art, and shared it. Put it out there and made it public. Just like this:  It's just tapping a few keys on a keyboard. And it's also so much more. It's saying that I want to... Continue Reading →


Yes, you read that correctly. Naked yoga. It's a thing. FYI, I stuck to my mat. Personal preference to stick with standing postures. Otherwise, it was awesome.

Working Through It

I woke up this morning with what might be the worst stiff neck I've had - and this statement comes from a woman who pinched a nerve in her neck by rolling over in bed. I couldn't look any direction other than down. It was frustrating to be so stuff and in so much pain,... Continue Reading →

Two Weeks!

Two weeks down, fifty to go. Wow, that sounds depressing. Let's try again. Woohoo! I've been doing yoga every day for two weeks! There, that's better. This past week has been quite busy for me, with normal work schedule, new extra work schedule, visit from friend, and my big creative project - in addition to... Continue Reading →

It feels good

It feels good to feel good. Why do we forget this? Or neglect it? Or choose to stay in an unhappy state, avoiding the things we know will help us to feel good? There are a lot of really complicated answers for those questions. Some have to do with habit, some with depression, some with... Continue Reading →

Practice Makes Perfect 

Clearly I still need to work on this whole daily post concept. It's been a busy week, and all too easy to set this aside. So now I will stretch my brain a bit to see what I've been thankful for these last few days. I am thankful for pizza. I am thankful for flirting.... Continue Reading →


It's so frustrating to make plans, and base so many thoughts and actions around those plans - only to have someone else throw in a wrench and say, "nope, we're doing this now". Or, like I've had lately, the wrenches are more like opportunities to do what I want - but I'm so not ready!... Continue Reading →


Well, did it again. Got bored, changed my theme. I like this. It suits my current frame of mind. Goodness only knows how long that will last. On topics of new things and changes, there are many in my life. New partner at work, new classroom, new students. New semester (currently boring me immensely, really... Continue Reading →

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