Favorites and Challenges 

So I showed up for my  favourite Wednesday night yin yoga class, ready to follow our usual routine. And feeling like I needed it.

So much for that.

Usual teacher, still yin, but she mixed it up! Different poses, different sequence. My brain was hurting a bit. I was actually super frustrated at one point because she had us do a pose I never do because I can’t even get my body into an approximation of the shape (shoelace or cow face, whichever name you might be familiar with).

It’s still true that I can’t even come close to half shoelace, forget full shoelace. But guess what? I found a variation I could do, and it was easy to hold. The same held true for several other poses. And in the one familiar pose she had us do, I found that again I could hold it a bit longer and with better form. 

You guys…

I think this daily yoga thing might be working.


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