Working Through It

I woke up this morning with what might be the worst stiff neck I’ve had – and this statement comes from a woman who pinched a nerve in her neck by rolling over in bed. I couldn’t look any direction other than down. It was frustrating to be so stuff and in so much pain, especially since I’ve been feeling so strong lately. 

I’m still frustrated, and still in pain. I can move now, as long as it’s slow and careful. I dreaded starting my yoga practice tonight. But I decided since there is a video for Neck and Shoulder Relief, I could do that and be okay. And I did. It helped, some. Parts of the routine made it worse, especially trying to activate the muscles. Definitely chose to hold back a bit in those moments. 

I followed that up with a mindfulness meditation, lying on my mat with a hot towel rolled up under my neck. Turned out to actually be more difficult to lie still. Thank goodness for a voice to guide me, or I wouldn’t have stayed. 

Here’s the thing. I knew from the minute I woke up this morning that the day wasn’t going to be easy, or go at all according to plan. I knew that no matter what, this pain would make me miserable. And in a way, it did. I have been in pain all day long, and it was miserable. But I worked through it. I stretched and moved even when I wanted to cry about it. I smiled and laughed and had the best day I could while barely turning my head. I did what I needed to do to take care of myself. So today, I didn’t just work through my pain. I also worked through some old bad habits. And I worked through the cloud I started the day with so that I could have a good day despite the pain.

I admit I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it again. That today was just a fluke, just a lucky day for me. If I can remember to breathe and to start small, then I can do it. I can work through it.

I think that might apply to more than just a stiff neck.


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