Show Up

That’s it. That’s the hardest part of yoga. To show up. Really, truly bring all of myself to the mat, to my practice.

Returned to the Movement Medicine Calm video tonight, because after a lazy day I knew I needed it. Still working like a charm, challenging me, lighting a fire, and bringing me back to myself. Followed it with bedtime yoga, because it’s a soothing go-to and I wanted to finish my practice at least a little sleepy. I feel stretched out, alive, and relaxed. Seems like a pretty good deal.

I have been neglecting the most important part of yoga, especially while procrastinating about starting my practice each day. It’s about me. It’s about showing up for myself, proving that I matter enough to take this time for me. Good thing I have this yoga every day challenge to keep me coming back. Without it, I would fall back into the habit of neglecting myself. Today, I did what I needed to do.

I showed up.


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