Salute the Sun

In honor of both International Day of Yoga and the summer solstice, many people did 108 sun salutations yesterday. They’re all crazy. (Since it’s a goal of mine, I must be crazy too…)

I’m lucky to get through three sun salutes without dying. It sometimes makes me feel like I’ve been doing something wrong all this time, because it’s one of the most common things in yoga practices. But whatever.

So tonight I started my practice with my three sun salutations. Not so much because of wanting to do 108, or because other people had done it. More because I know it’s a good way to get my body really focused on the mat, even if my mind is still racing. I then did a bedtime yoga video that has been a go-to for a long time. When I pinched a nerve in my neck last fall, it was the only video I could follow without excruciating pain. So a simple, low to the ground, slow, familiar flow to help me settle down for bed.

It was weird, honestly. A combination of settling into those familiar movements while my mind was still racing. In the end, it must have helped some since I nearly fell asleep on my mat.


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