Good Evening

I write to you tonight from my yoga mat, where I’ve just finished a grueling half hour of reminders about why I do this. 

Movement Medicine Calm again tonight, and it’s still getting me focused and centered and relaxed. That was definitely the goal, because I was going through a whole lot of indecision about what practice to follow. I definitely noticed that it’s also the reason my quads have been sore the last few days. Oops.

Followed that up with yoga for lower back pain. Because, well, I have lower back pain. It’s a simple routine. I determined that I hate drawing my knees up to my chest. I know the benefits, but frankly my knees don’t get anywhere near my chest, and I worry sometimes that I’m using too much back strength and not enough core strength to keep them lifted. Some of the routine was very good for me though, and I might be doing a lot of replace-lunge-with-lizard in the near future. Much more comfortable for me.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of indigestion in the evenings. Sometimes, like today, it starts well before yoga. But other times it starts during my practice, and I can’t really figure out why. Am I twisting incorrectly, or too much? Am I folding too much, creating compression? Haven’t figured it out yet, but I am aware of it.

It’s Monday today. I keep thinking it’s Tuesday. Good thing it will be soon.


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