As has been the norm for the last week or so, I procrastinated as long as possible before rolling out my yoga mat. So that didn’t get fixed overnight. 🙂

Tonight I decided to practice with some guidance from my all-time favorite YouTube yogi, Adriene Mishler. I paired together two shorter videos:

 Movement Medicine Calm


 Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief

I’ve included links to both because you should all try them.

I chose Movement Medicine because I’ve followed the video a few times before. Every time I do, no matter how much trouble I have focusing or how little I want to be where I am, by the end I am not only calmer but dramatically more centered and present in my self. The practice stays low to the ground, none of the sit/stand stuff that is so hard for me to do quickly. There are some very challenging moments, but today I found myself approaching them with curiosity rather than dread. That’s one win!

Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief is a newly posted video, so I decided to give that one a try. The length paired up nicely with my other choice, and I always need some release in the neck and shoulders. I admit I was a bit surprised by how intense parts of this practice were, especially since it is done entirely in a seated position. Somewhere in the middle it occurred to me that it was intense because I was fully present and actually using my muscles rather than going through the motions. My neck and shoulders are now a weird combination of much looser and also more tense. I’ve no idea how to really explain the sensation. 

After finishing both videos I knew I needed a little more. My upper back was extremely tight after the second video, and I needed a little bit of something more. I chose to rest for a few minutes in supported extended child’s pose, and followed that up with lying on my back and rocking side to side. It was just what I needed; it put my spine in a more comfortable spot and included a bit of surrender. For whatever reason, that was what felt good tonight. 


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