Two Weeks!

Two weeks down, fifty to go.

Wow, that sounds depressing. Let’s try again.

Woohoo! I’ve been doing yoga every day for two weeks!

There, that’s better. This past week has been quite busy for me, with normal work schedule, new extra work schedule, visit from friend, and my big creative project – in addition to my daily yoga, of course. I’m fighting myself right now about making excuses for why I haven’t written a blog post in a week. Here’s the deal – I’ve been doing a lot of second guessing, thinking that my thoughts and expressions aren’t “good enough” (notice the quotes, I know it’s faulty thinking!) and I’ve been too damn lazy to make the time. So here I am, agonizing over (almost) every word, as I update the universe on my week!

Visit from friend – so wonderful to spend a day with my best friend, especially since he has now moved about three times further away from me than he was before. Jerk. 🙂

Work related stuff – mostly the usual. Added a second job, just one 6 hour shift a week. It’s a little extra income for me to set aside toward YTT. different field, so it’s a different mindset and still a bit of a break.

Big creative project – aren’t you so excited to know what I’m working on?! I know you are! I’m building a bed! Well, my dad is doing most of the building, and I am doing finishing work like sanding and staining. It’s exhausting and yet deeply satisfying, to watch all these pieces come together and my hours of hard work pay off in a beautiful project. It has temporarily taken my time away from other painting, but that is okay. I will be happy to get back to those soon – I have new ideas in my head!

YOGA – I wish I could say yoga has been a breeze. It has not. I still procrastinate almost every night, to the point that sometimes I’m not even starting my practice till 11. Haven’t figured out yet how to fix that. I’ve gotten some good advice, but most of it consists of “do it in the morning!”. Ah, if only you understood how ridiculous that idea is. That phrase “I don’t do mornings”? They’re talking about me.

In other yoga news, I’ve had some weird mental stuff going on. For example, on Wednesday evening I came home from a 90-minute studio class…and proceeded to think I still needed to roll out my mat for my 30 minutes of the day. Hint: I didn’t need to. Then on Thursday, I just could not pick a video to follow. None of them sounded the least bit helpful, or appealing. It took me almost an hour to realize I don’t need to follow someone else’s routine. I’m perfectly capable of constructing my own. So I did. Went fairly well, too. I did learn something important – I really need some practice and training in that area. Lots of second guessing, sticking with one pose for longer because I couldn’t think of what to do next, and so on. Guess I’ve got some work to do. 🙂

Now I am off to accomplish the rest of my day – putting away my laundry (ugh) and rolling out my mat for today’s yoga session. No clue what will be happening with that, except there will be yoga.


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