And on the seventh day, she rested.

Here we are, folks. I’ve marked 7 days of yoga on my calendar. Seven consecutive days of practice. Some insights from this first week of Yoga 365:

  • Waiting till the end of the day is not always a good thing.
  • Sometimes it’s a great thing, when you have the perfect slow, stretchy practice after a long day. 
  • I really wish I was a morning person.
  • Hamstrings are connected to everything. Maybe not directly, or entirely literally, but close enough.
  • Sufficient floor space to practice in really helps.
  • Seven days does not a master make.

I am pleased to say I made it through this week. No false starts, no begging to start tomorrow. I just kept going. That in itself is an achievement for me. 

Now to get some sleep so I can start week two! 


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