Yoga EVERY Damn Day

Sometimes, we are blessed with people who not only love and support us, they also challenge us and push us to work harder for our dreams. I got lucky; I have one of those people. I now have a huge reward, and an equally proportioned challenge: in exchange for 365 days of consecutive yoga practice, I get half of my yoga teacher training paid for.

This is huge to me. Like, HUGE. Because teaching yoga is the only dream I’ve had in the last 15 years that has given me that fiery, alive, I can do anything feeling. Because training is expensive. Because it shows a belief and trust in my abilities and commitment that I’m not always sure I share. And because I know that the challenge will benefit me in so many more ways than just financial assistance. So… how could I say anything other than yes?

Today is actually day two. Yesterday was easy, because I was lit up with the excitement of the end goal. Today, I am tired, sad, frustrated, and sore. The kind of day when I most need to do yoga – and also the kind of day I least feel like doing yoga. (See, sneaky little catch there, trying to get me to improve my habits.) I haven’t made it to the mat yet, but I am making an effort to get things done early enough that I won’t be able to make excuses later. It isn’t a perfect plan, but it’s a place to start.

Anyway, I’m inviting people to join me. Follow me here, read my story. I plan to include some of the things that have inspired me to this point. There will be links to videos (mostly of other people), yoga sequences to follow, snarky comments about pain in the ass friends, whining about not wanting to do things, brilliant insights that come from sticking to the plan, fun and inspirational quotes and memes, and maybe even some mini challenges. Who knows what will happen in the next year? Sure as heck not me. Come do yoga with me, sharing your own journey. Or just laugh at mine. Whatever works for you. Welcome to Yoga365. That’s what I’m calling it. Cuz I’m too lazy to come up with something more interesting. 🙂


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