Ever have one of those dreams that just won’t go away when you wake up? I’m dealing with that now. Been up for almost an hour and just can’t get it out of my head so I can go back to sleep. It started as a new dream, with a few points of alarming clarity and a clear message, a feeling of “oh yes, this is why I am dreaming this”. Then it became an old dream, one I have had previously, seemingly identical in every detail.
Then it changed again, and became the worst kind of nightmare. The realistic kind, where everything around you is familiar and normal, you feel like you, there are no strange monsters. Just a terrible situation to deal with. And I failed. Miserably. Even after I said I could do better and started over to try to fix it. I failed.
As I pace through my apartment, trying to force my brain to let go so I can sleep, I’m unsure whether failing is the problem, or if it is something else. I have written out the dream, which is usually enough to let my brain move on. Now my hope is that physical activity will move the blood elsewhere and leave me exhausted. Well, more exhausted, so that I can sleep. What a frustrating hour.


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  1. Good Luck with that. Some dreams just don’t go away that easy. But the way to answer your nightmare question is easy. It’s a dream think back on the dream and mentally set every bad part of it on fire in a way that no one you love and nothing you care for gets hurt. If that settles your problem then it’s just a dream. If that doesn’t help, then there’s more there.


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