Work day

Ever work with one of those people? The ones that you know have their hearts in the right place? They really mean well in everything they do. And meanwhile, you’re thinking “Oh my god, kill me now. Will you stop being such an idiot?!?!?”

I work with one. All day, five days a week. She’s a lovely person. But she drives me nuts. Too focused on one aspect of our job, to the point that she completely and utterly neglects the rest of it. Which means I pick up the slack. Want to know the worst part? Everyone we work with knows this. They all know that I do the work, and she does practically nothing. And their response? “We’ve tried for years. She’s just that way.”

Seriously? It’s okay for her to slack off because that’s her personality? What a load of crap. But she’s really good at one aspect of our job, so she stays. And everyone who has to work with her is stuck with the rest of it. Granted, I’m something of an overachiever, so some days I appreciate the challenge. But I really shouldn’t be expected to pick up her slack.  And I am expected to. If I don’t pick up her slack, I’m the one who gets in trouble, not her. She should be expected to contribute.

Is it terrible of me to contemplate her upcoming retirement age and pray that she decides to actually retire? Because getting assigned to a different partner is a long and arduous process that might not net me better results.

There. That’s my rant for the day. We should all be allowed some room, but we should also all be expected to uphold our end of the deal. And that is all.


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