Work in Progress

So I didn’t write a post yesterday. Total fail, right? Wrong.

I’m not perfect, and I don’t want to be. Sure, now I can’t say I posted every day in November. So what? Today makes three out of four, and that’s pretty damn good, all things considered. And I’m starting over. In more ways than one, I am trying to eliminate “fail” (and derivatives like “failure”) from my vocabulary. My problem with them is I over apply. If I fail to meet my goal of posting every day in November, then I am a failure. That’s simply not true. I am so much more than that.

Yesterday was a rough day. Full day of work, workshops after work, and the death of a beloved family dog. I’m allowed to give myself a pass on something like a blog post. It’s not against the rules. Mind you, I have to work at it to really believe myself when I say that. I’m so used to my all or nothing mentality that accepting that less than all is still success is very challenging. But it’s a challenge I want to take on, because who the hell ever achieves every single thing they set out to do? Certainly not me. And if I can learn to accept success on a smaller scale than perfection, I can learn to be happier, because I won’t have to think of myself as a failure. I like this plan.

Tell me, what have you succeeded at lately?


3 thoughts on “Work in Progress

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    1. That’s great! And just being published is a success. That’s what I’m saying. Sure, you’re waiting to see if they sell well, but not everyone who aims to even gets published. So congratulations to you!


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