Because it is a thought much in line with my own, and worth sharing.

Random and Written

The mind is void.
It becomes all things but does not
become them.
It conceives of all movement and substance
but remains as it is.
This is void.
Unknowable. Invisible. Untouchable.
It is and it is not.

The air is void.
It is and it is not.
In any empty space, anything can occur.
The space may fill with fire,
like a mind with a thought,
but when the fire fades
the space will remain.
This is void.
Unending. Unchanging.

All things are impermanent,
but the space in which they happen remains.
The ewer can be refilled when the water has gone.
The bowl will eventually return to emptiness,
no matter how often it is filled.
This is void.
Refilling, rejuvenating, present even where it is not.
Empty, Eternal, Energizing.


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