Cats love catnip. It’s a well established fact. I was watching my cats roll around in theirs today, and I realized something. We all have our own personal catnip. Something that we thoroughly enjoy, that gives us the heady, free feeling of a high. For some, it might actually be a drug that does that. For others, a food, or a person. Maybe an experience.

My personal catnip? Storms. They never fail me. A good storm (or even a quick, not so impressive storm) makes me feel alive. Giddy, cheerful, awake, uplifted… electrified (yeah, I said it). The way the wind blows through the surrounding area makes me feel like it is blowing out the cobwebs in me, too. It’s a fresh, take on the world sort of feeling. I love it. (And at the moment, I hate living on the west coast. Today’s pathetic drizzle is the closest thing I’ve seen in months. I am jealous of the rest of you, even with your below freezing temperatures.)

So tell me, what’s your personal catnip? What wakes you up and makes you feel good?


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