Careful what you brag of…'ll get what you don't wish for. A lesson I have repeated many times that apparently has not actually sunk in yet. Last week I celebrated not being sick. Then I went and spent time with people. Now, sick. Miserably so. Advantage to this: forced inactivity. I usually hate it, and it is chafing a... Continue Reading →


Random Blessings

In recent conversations (and scrolling through Facebook), I've encountered many people complaining about being sick. Like, terrible cold/flu that knocks you down for days sick. Want to know the amazing thing that just occurred to me? I'm not sick. I haven't been out and surrounded by hundreds of people who were sneezing all over their... Continue Reading →

Let it Snow!

Okay, I admit I'm a little weird about this, but I love snow. So much. When I wake up to a lovely snowy landscape, especially if it is still snowing, like it was this morning, I turn into a little kid. Not exaggerating. I giggle, and jump around, and squeal a little...and pretty quickly manage... Continue Reading →

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