Careful what you brag of…

…you’ll get what you don’t wish for. A lesson I have repeated many times that apparently has not actually sunk in yet. Last week I celebrated not being sick. Then I went and spent time with people. Now, sick. Miserably so.
Advantage to this: forced inactivity. I usually hate it, and it is chafing a bit, but I think the rest might be doing me good. Maybe.

Random Blessings

In recent conversations (and scrolling through Facebook), I’ve encountered many people complaining about being sick. Like, terrible cold/flu that knocks you down for days sick. Want to know the amazing thing that just occurred to me? I’m not sick. I haven’t been out and surrounded by hundreds of people who were sneezing all over their money and the store’s products, so I haven’t gotten sick. Gods, that’s awesome. I’ve had brief moments of wishing I were working recently, to get out of the house, into a routine, etc. This is not one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, still not happy about the unemployed issue. It sucks royally. But there are so many things I can be grateful for.

Not being sick, not dealing with holiday crowds of idiots, no traffic.

The wonderful people in my life who do their best to help keep me going.

Snow. (Not that we’ve had any lately, but still.)

Getting to actually enjoy the holidays, and not hating Christmas music.

Being in a better mood.

A warm home that is currently clean, cats to snuggle with, a good book.

Yeah, I can live with this.

Let it Snow!

Okay, I admit I’m a little weird about this, but I love snow. So much. When I wake up to a lovely snowy landscape, especially if it is still snowing, like it was this morning, I turn into a little kid. Not exaggerating. I giggle, and jump around, and squeal a little…and pretty quickly manage to get myself dressed so I can go outside. I no longer spend the whole day outside, but I savor every moment I do. Snow just plain makes me happy. I could list all sorts of reasons, like it’s beautiful, and cold, and white, and sparkly, and soft…or I could just go with it makes me happy. I’ve been smiling all day, and I am really glad about that. It’s quite nice to really have something to enjoy with my whole heart. Ended up really putting me in a great mood, so I also turned on the Christmas music and put up some of my decorations. Just the tree and the outside stuff left to do. And it doesn’t even seem like work, since I get a fresh burst of energy every time I look outside. Yay snow!