The Wonder Around Us

Some days, it is hard to find. Hard to even remember  that it can be found. But it’s there. All the time, everywhere. Wonder. Amazement. Fascination.

When was the last time you really stopped to look at something that tugged at your soul? Anything. The moon peeking from behind a cloud. A flower opening. The way the leaves of a tree rustle in the wind. The sheer joy of a child on a swing. Or an adult, for that matter. Incredible scientific discoveries. Amazing fictional creations. It’s everywhere, in everything. That indefinable, delicate, uplifting sense of “wow”.

We forget, so often, that we aren’t just here to go through the motions. That living isn’t really living if we don’t appreciate what can be found around us, within us. Even the things that seem the most finite are infinite. And somehow, taking a moment to look at that and say I am a part of it makes my day better.

I went to a book sale at my local library this morning. I love to read, for dozens of different reasons. I enjoyed the time I spent there, browsing the shelves. And although the two dozen books I acquired are stacked on my dining room table because I have nowhere else to put them, I am so glad to have them. To begin with, it was just the joy of books. The smell, and the feel, and the possibility. But somewhere in my day I realized it’s so much more than that. It’s a million tiny snippets of the universe, parceled out in little pieces. It’s thousands of chances to see something new, all at my fingertips. And the best part of it all is that all of those new pieces of the universe started in the everyday world. They started in the world we live in – the world of offices, and traffic, and working all day just to go home and write at night. All of those different worlds are part of this world. How lucky are we, to live in that world? In a world where anything and everything around us can inspire the creation and telling of a story that begins a journey, that opens new doors, that sparks the imagination. The moon through the clouds, the child on the swing, the trees in the wind – these are all stories, happening around us every day. And if we are looking, really looking, we get to be part of it, just for a moment.

That’s a huge and beautiful and inspiring thing.


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