Honest to Blog

So, I spend a fair amount of time on various social media, checking up on my friends and family. They share a lot of information with the world, particularly on their Facebook pages. Pretty much everything goes there, really.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing (although sometimes, a few do go way too far). In fact, I rather appreciate the insight into their lives. But it has never been my style to participate. Sure, I post things occasionally. Even important things. But not often, and certainly not always. I think it’s the pressure, maybe. Like everyone else has these great posts with their interesting (or devastatingly dramatic) lives. And here’s me, saying look, I cooked dinner today.

But here, on this random little blog I started on a whim, with so far only a few followers, I am honest. This is real deal me. Closer to a journal than anything I’ve written since I actually kept a journal. Here, I tell it just like it is. Including facts that 90% of my Facebook friends don’t know yet. (Unemployed, for example.) Sure, I don’t really make a big deal about it. But it’s here. Simple, honest statements from the real me. I wonder why that is. Why it seems so much more natural and comfortable for me to sit here and say whatever is on my mind, but when it comes to my Facebook status it’s things like “the weather is lovely today”.

For a while I considered it might be the anonymity. The fact that most of my readers have never met me, really. But I’m not sure that’s it. Of course, I don’t yet know what else it might be. The discovery will be an ongoing process. You’re all welcome to join me on the journey.


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