Just Another Day

Well, here we are, end of the day, and I’ve once again just remembered to write a blog post. Sadly, tonight I can’t claim it was a busy day. Simply a distracted one. Perhaps it was more about resting, but it certainly wasn’t about being productive. Unless you consider finishing the first season of Dollhouse to be productive. Awesome show, by the way.

Actually, if you count that, over a hundred pages in a novel (The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card, so far a great read), and approximately half of a beadweaving project, it was a productive day. Still of the sit on my butt variety, but I got a few things done.

I had intended for today to have an interesting, insightful post about something. Instead, you get a list of my achievements for the day. What can I say, it’s late and I’m tired. Maybe tomorrow we’ll all get lucky.


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