Another Last Minute Post

Well, here we are with another late evening post, full of “no idea what to write”. So today, you get a hodgepodge of my thoughts.

Today has felt like a terribly long day, though everything around me tells me it is no longer than any other.

Mail is weird, but mildly predictable. All the good stuff always comes on the same day. Sometimes this is nice. Often, I’d like to spread it out a little. Some joy in the mailbox every day. However, it usually also works that all the bad stuff comes on the same day. That’s okay.

Working retail during the holiday season sucks. A lot.

I love crafting and creating, but it is sometimes unfortunate that I am so easily distracted. Multiple unfinished projects can be…frustrating.

I’m starting to really enjoy blogging. It’s kinda fun.

Belgian dark chocolate is delicious. Very satisfying dessert.

And there we have it. A random assortment of my thoughts at the moment. Enjoy!


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