Writing Late

I’m beginning to think I should make more of an effort to write these blog posts early in the day. Honestly, when it gets to this point in my day, I’m scrambling for thoughts and usually uninspired. But earlier in the day I tell myself I have plenty of time. Less pressure that way. Sometimes the procrastination thing works for me. Other times, like today, I stare at a blank screen for five minutes before I manage to write anything. Sure, sometimes my best ideas happen at night. But often they happen before noon. I tell myself it’s no big deal, I can keep doing what I’m doing and write that blog post later. When later arrives, I usually barely even remember I had a good idea, let alone what the idea was. Pretty sure everyone has so far missed out on some awesome posts because I haven’t stopped to write out my ideas right away. Even a quick note to self might help sometimes. Really gotta work on that. Then I can share my brilliance with you all!


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