I’ve gotten so used to not waiting that suddenly having to wait for many things is super frustrating. A couple of things in the mail, people to contact me, someone to hire me, the world to realize how amazing I am… and suddenly, I’m tired of waiting. There is little I can do about any of these things, beyond what I am already doing. And that is the most frustrating part. Because instead of waiting on myself, which is something I can fix, I am waiting on other people. Bastards. And even worse than waiting on other people? “Hurry up and wait”. Grr.

Like my apartment complex, and their ridiculous scheme to redesign the outside of the buildings. In the fall. When the weather sucks. They’re very good at giving people about 12 hours notice that they need to wait. For example, got notice last night that they would be beginning prep work for painting on the balconies of my building today. So I made the effort to get my balcony cleaned off, so nothing would get paint or other mess on it. Think they did anything today? Nope, not a damn thing. This is the second time they have done this recently – the last time work didn’t start until a full week after the estimated start date. In the meantime, we are asked not to put anything back outside, because they aren’t responsible for any damages. And my plants, which were thriving despite the recent cold, are now inside, and have to adjust to a completely different climate. And I do so enjoy having my bike and my patio decor cluttering up my living room. So yes, apartment management, I am following the rules. But don’t make me wait too long. I will lose patience, and you will be really annoyed with me when I do.

And mail service! Ugh. Don’t even get me started on why something being mailed from across town takes 5-10 business days. If you get it in the damn mail, it should take a maximum of two. So why am I still waiting?

Of course, there are often good things to wait for – things to anticipate. I try to focus on those, really I do. Actually getting the important mail I have been waiting for will be really nice. Getting a solid job will be even better. Maybe the balcony will even look nice once they’ve repainted it (as long as they actually do the whole thing).

In the meantime, I hate waiting.


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