A Clean House

Is a sign of a wasted life. Or a clean mind. Or a happy house. Depending on who you ask, the state of your living space says all sorts of things about you – and there are plenty of contradictions.

For me, a clean house means several things. For starters, it probably means that I started the day as a mess – mentally, emotionally, even physically. The cleaner the house is, the more likely it is that I sorted things out, that my thoughts are a little clearer. If you stop by and the tables are covered in clutter and I clearly haven’t done more than surface clean, you can trust that my mind is in the same state: full of extra thoughts, and messy ones. I’ve cleaned up enough to present myself to the world, as long as no one looks too closely.

But even for me, the contradictions apply. Other times I clean thoroughly include when I am feeling very good – in a good mood, organized, cheerful. I want my physical surroundings to reflect my mental state in those times, so I will clean then too. Does this mean that a clean house always means a clean and organized mind?

Not even remotely. Sometimes, things get cleaned so well because I haven’t sorted out my mind. Because my thoughts and emotions are so tangled, so distressing, that even a full day of cleaning won’t sort them out. I can present to you a pristine home, clean, organized and clutter free, but that doesn’t mean I won’t fall apart at the drop of a hat. Some days, there is just too much to process. So I process when I can, and pursue distractions when I can’t. Ah, distractions. They are what keeps me going some days. Games, movies, books, crafts, time with friends. Anybody else have a problem I can solve? Mine is too hard.


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