Not the end of the world

Well, it happened. I tried to go the entire month of November writing a post every day. I failed. But only by a day (I missed yesterday). One day, out of 30. Not bad, all things considered. And there were some terrible last-minute posts in that month. So now, I can't have my personal celebration... Continue Reading →


Giving Thanks

Family, friends, pets, food, home, laughter, love, joy, health, generosity, kindness, understanding. Clouds, rain, snow, sleet, hail, storms, sun, flowers, trees, beauty. Sleep, books, cozy blankets, hot chocolate. Creativity, inventiveness, initiative, perseverance. Learning, seeking, expanding, believing, testing, proving. Life.


I so often find that I've nothing to say Words are just words; they get in the way Some things are truly hard to define Like strong emotion or state of mind Thoughts swirl indefinitely Tossed about on an endless sea Yet we all strive desperately To achieve moments of clarity What we are seeking... Continue Reading →

The Holiday Season has Arrived

It's official, the holidays are here. How can I tell? For starters, I have a head cold - right on schedule. Fortunately, this one isn't bad, and seems to actually be likely to pass quickly. Also, insane craving for baked goods. Not even necessarily to eat them, but to bake them. I like to bake... Continue Reading →


Some days, that's just what it comes down to. Uninspired. Sure, I got a few things done today. Nothing momentous. The day was actually sort of a blur. Leaves me a little lost when it comes to writing a post. Not sure what to say, really. I'm sure I will think of something brilliant around... Continue Reading →

I Try to be My Best

Well, sort of. You see, I want to be my best. But if I don't feel I can or will be, I don't try at all. This is often a problem. It has hindered me in so many ways - fitness, creativity, productivity, blogging. The list goes on. If I don't think whatever I produce... Continue Reading →

Fight scenes

Fight scenes in dramas, especially TV dramas, provide an excellent way to zone out. I honestly rarely feel the need to pay attention to fight scenes - nothing all that astonishing happens. There's lots of punches, a few kicks and slaps, a moment where it looks like the good guy will lose, and the inevitable... Continue Reading →

Time on My Hands

It's a strange concept, the idea of too much time. In our world, we are constantly rushing from one task to another, barely pausing to breathe. Even our free time is rigidly scheduled so we can fit in all the things we want to do. There is always something to be done, and we even... Continue Reading →


So, despite everything in my day - general errands, busy with this and that and nothing - here I am. End of the day. No idea what to write. But I'm here, and I'm writing. Because I promised myself I would. Because even when I don't know what I want to say, it's good to... Continue Reading →

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